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The Stories

One thing that I’ve learned over the years on one of the world’s most famous stretch of beach is that every day is different. The temperature, the surf, the people. These are just a few of the stories that I have to tell.

The 20ft great white at Bondi

The day that I met Prince Harry

My wedding proposal on national TV

Dealing with post-traumatic stress

My twin brother

Rescuing Hugh Jackman's son, twice!

How I deal with death since becoming a parent

Stabbings on Bondi Beach

The challenge of living with dyslexia

Meeting my beautiful wife

Competing internationally (surfing)

I've competed / trained with over 50 olympians

Resuscitated 5 people at Tamarama at once

First dead body I ever saw

We rescued 255 people in one day

Watching a woman commit suicide (and not being able to save her)

Pulling 15 people of the sea floor and they survived

Rooming with Tony Hines, Bra Boys leader who was later murdered