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Harries provides that special added element that makes your event a unique and uplifting experience

Revive with Bondi Harries

Harries stories of saving lives, being first on the scene of a suicide to stopping thousands of potential drownings, demonstrates his risk assessment abilities. Harries has developed practises to deal with these high risk, high stakes situations and these are practices everyone can benefit from. As an organisation, these skills empower your staff to make the best decisions for your business regardless of position, from your office manager or your top trades manager there is a lesson for all in risk assessment.

Let Harries speak to your staff or top executive sales team about the importance of reading a situation and how to evaluate and respond. Stop, assess, and respond.

In a 45minute motivational session, Harries talk will encompass all that it takes to be a leader, how to respond to an emergency in 2019 including the basics of first aid, CPR, and knowing where the nearest defibrillator kit would be. Harries is smart, funny, and engaging and the best way to break up a workshop or conference with some insights into the serious side of being a lifeguard on Bondi Beach with a couple of funny highlights like having to lead David Hasselhoff on a jet ski, being directed to look after Elle Macpherson to saving Hugh Jackman’s son from a rip. Harries life can be dangerous, but he still finds the time to have a laugh, smile and teach a little pilates to keep the body and mind healthy. Harries will end his session with everyone out of their seats stretching and learning some simple breathing exercises to practice to keep you alert and functioning to your full potential all day long.

Motivation Corporate workshops

  • Motivation speech including 2 anecdotal stories about risk assessment
  • Revive session – 1st aid, CPR, defibrillator kit
  • Health & Wellbeing – Simple Pilates to practice in the office

Whatever event you may be hosting, Harries is sure to captivate your audience. Entertaining and funny, Harries is engaging and has thousands of great stories to attract your crowd.

Do you have a group of friends or colleagues who want to do something different and active? Hang out with Harries in an incredible Sydney location for a unique experience which will leave you feeling energised and vibrant. Harries can take your group through a Pilates and functional movement session, a beach swim, surf or paddle, whilst giving you tips on keeping your body healthy and pain free. Be sure to expect a surf and beach safety lesson or two also.